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Safeguarding Policy

This policy applies to all Directors and members of staff, volunteers and freelance workers contracted to East Midlands Jazz CIC (hereinafter called EMJAZZ).

EMJAZZ recognises its legal duty under the Children Act 1989 to work with other agencies and organisations across the East Midlands in order to protect children and vulnerable adults from “significant harm” to their health and development.   

Aims of Policy
This policy recognises that safeguarding covers a range of issues that require careful consideration, especially when working in partnership with multiple organisations, including:

  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Project planning, risk assessment and health and safety
  • Disclosure of abuse and reporting procedure
  • Data protection and use of images

It sets out in clear terms how the procedures of East Midlands Jazz is designed to ensure the safety and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults; and clarifies the role of the Partner Safeguarding Policies.

Sections 1, 3 and 4 of this policy are applicable only to EMJAZZ staff, Trustees, volunteers and contracted music leaders, trainees, consultants and project managers.  Not to partner organisations or their staff whose procedures are dictated by their own safeguarding policies – as detailed in section 2.

In the following pages the word “staff” should be taken to include those employed by EMJAZZ, self employed freelance workers contracted to EMJAZZ, and volunteers of EMJAZZ including Trustees. 

Safeguarding Policy

Please click below to download the full policy as a pdf.

Safeguarding Policy
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